You've heard it all before, "Get some lessons!" Well Center Stage has all the lessons you could ever want! We offer lessons in all areas, from Guitar to Bass, Drums, and even some Piano and Keyboard. If we don't offer a lesson in an area you are looking for, we probably know where to refer you to so that you'll be set. Click on the links in the left navigation for more info.

General Lesson Information:
Please note, all lessons are taught in store at Center Stage Music. Please call the store directly to arrange lessons. Prices are $80.00 for 4, 30 minute lessons, one per week. Individual policies on payment and makeup lessons are set by each teacher, so please direct all questions regarding policy to your specific teacher. Teacher's schedules change frequently, so please be patient and understanding when arranging lesson times. Above all else, have fun while taking lessons and practice, practice, practice.