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Here is a little musical background info on me. I started playing drums at age 2. Played drums with my brothers band at Columbus College at age 5. This might have been the best gig I ever had…I can almost remember it. Around 9-10 years of age got into regular kid stuff with no interest in drumming.

At 10 years of age started to begin interest in playing guitar. After a few months of messing around with a guitar borrowed from my brother, Christmas of 1978, at age 11, I received a brand new guitar of my own. The next year I ended up with a deal on a good guitar which I got, then sold my first one. This is also the year I heard Jimi Hendrix. I would say these two things were the major "fuel for the fire" as they say.

Fast forward, I eventually made friends with other people who played instruments and my destiny was set in stone and has never changed. I was to be, and always will be, first and foremost, a musician. By way of teaching friends and acquaintances bits and pieces of songs I was learning, I eventually turned that idea into a career. I have taught so many students over the years I do not think I can even fathom how many that could be at this point.

I have never quit trying to get better and that eternal quest has lead me down many paths. I did some time at Augusta State University as a music major. I studied the classical guitar masters as well as Bach, Mozart, Handel, and others privately and with teachers, played in the jazz band, etc. Two trips to the Berklee Summer Sessions yielded certificates and awards. What a incredible learning environment.

Of course I cannot forget playing in cover groups and original bands all my life, opening for Kings X, Foreigner, and the like, and meeting most of my guitar heroes, going to an incredible amount of concerts, clinics/seminars, guitar shows and reading everything I could/can find on the subject of music and guitars and related gear.

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